Trouble is the beginning of Blessing…. WHAT?????

Trouble is the beginning of Blessing…. WHAT????? How many times do we hear preachers tell us that testis and trials are on the road to our blessing? These words often hit us when we have come to the end of our rope, or worse, have lost hope that God still loves us or...

African Childrens Choir

Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church, 110 S. Fort Harrison Ave. Clearwater will host the African Childrens Choir at 7pm on April 1st…For further information go to

Meals of Hope

Meals of Hope, Clearwater will hold its 4th annual food pack from 9am to 11am on April 2nd at the Religious Community Services warehouse located on 700 Druid Rd. in Clearwater. For information please contact John Fleming at 727-599-8911

Concert with “The Thurstons”

First Christian Church of Zephyrhills will hold a concert with “The Thurstons” at 7pm on April 2nd. For further information please call 813-782-1071. Church is located at 6040 Eighth Street in Zephyrhills.