Faith, Work and Economics Conference-The Asbury Project
Event Location: Asbury Theological Seminary-Florida Dunnam Campus, 8401 Valencia College Lane, Orlando, FL 32825    for further information visit
Community Event April 19-20, 2016
Cost: FREE and open to the public (registration required for admission)
contact: Charisse Jones, Office of Faith, Work and Economics-Asbury Theological Seminary
Phone: 407-482-7582

Many people spend most of their time in the marketplace, yet this arena remains insulated from Christian influence. Even as the majority of people in the church spend most of their time in the marketplace, pastors are often inadequately prepared to address marketplace issues.  Does your work and business matter to God and can it be used to make an impact in the world? Yes it does and found out how at The Asbury Project!

The Asbury Project is a free, community conference uniting pastors, business and community leaders, and the public to discuss faith, work and economics in the marketplace and explore how social entrepreneurship carries out Kingdom-minded initiatives using the business approach.

Join us for two days of impactful dialogue with local and national speakers, local social entrepreneurs, business and community leaders, and pastors who will share innovative approaches in business as mission, community transformation, and transforming your ordinary work day into an extraordinary calling.

The Asbury Project-Faith, Work and Economics Conference is a collaboration between Asbury Theological Seminary’s Office of Faith, Work and Economics and the Howard Dayton School of Business at Asbury University.

REGISTRATION: While this event is free, registration is required for admission. Early Registration: First 100 registrants will receive a free t-shirt. All meals are complimentary.