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This is the Bible Answers program, in which we present a “Frank and Ernest” discussion of Bible truths in an endeavor to answer your Bible questions. Sending out the truth and light of God’s word has been the principle objective of the Dawn. It is the Dawn’s endeavor to show that the true gospel is not a new theology, but the old theology, not a new gospel, but the old gospel, the one preached to Abraham, the one declared by the Lord Jesus himself and by all his apostles.

Brother Norman Woodworth started a radio witness while in the IBSA, using dialogs that he wrote. The program was called “Frank and Ernest.” This was initiated in the early 1920’s, when radio was in its infancy. Radios could be built using a crystal as a channel finder, and therefore were called ‘crystal sets.’ The best radios of that period used vacuum tubes, and were battery powered. The radio station had the call letters WORD, because it was presenting the truth concerning the ‘Lord’s Word.’

“Send out thy light and thy truth.” —Psalm 43:3

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