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Martie Whittekin, interviews authoritative doctors, authors and other experts in the field of natural health to empower listeners to choose health, joy and youthful energy over the common but less appealing alternatives. We aim to have fun in the process, because taking our selves too seriously isn’t healthy either. We’ll be taking your calls every Saturday morning at 1-877-956-9566. Radio Martie provides listeners with responsible information and strives to empower them to take charge of their health. We encourage everyone to choose a path that leads to wellness, energy and a bright outlook thereby avoiding the need for crisis medicine.

Healthy by Nature is now broadcast on Salem network in many US cities and is available online live, as archive shows and even pod casts. It has aired on KWRD in North Texas since August of 1998. We remember fondly the early days when the show hour was preceded by Doug Kaufmann’s live radio show and followed by that of Dr. Cliff Sheats. In 1997 a prior show, The Feel Young and Healthy Show on KAAM (the oldies station) was hosted by Martie for a year with co-host Jim Judd. That station was sold to Disney and changed format. A highlight of that original program was the train that blew its whistle outside the window halfway through every show. Martie was so nervous and concerned that every moment of the show be useful that she practically had a script. Martie and Andy are very grateful for the listeners that suffered through their inexperience then and still listen today.

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