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Today Music and the Spoken Word has become the world’s longest-running continuous network broadcast and is carried on more than 2,000 radio and television stations and cable systems. It has been broadcast from locations across the country and around the world. Since its first broadcast, the program was an immediate success. The president of the radio network sent a telegram: “Your wonderful Tabernacle program is making great impression in New York. Have heard from leading ministers. All impressed by program. Eagerly awaiting your next.” The program was off and running. In 1954, to commemorate the 25th year of weekly Music and the Spoken Word broadcasts, Life magazine commented on the program’s legacy with these words: “Those who know this program…need no arguments for listening to it. Millions have heard them, and more millions, we hope, will hear them in years to come. It is a national institution to be proud of.” Through all the ups and downs, the twists and turns of the past 75 years, this broadcast has walked through the pages of history. It has lifted spirits, comforted souls, and brought one generation after another closer to the Divine.”

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