Showshannah Rose Radio Program

I AM the rose of Shar’on, and the lily of the valleys.
Song of Solomon 2:1

Showshannah Rose Radio Program
Hosted By: Ann D. Finkelman
This Is One Program You Won’t Want To Miss.
Each week we will be discussing God, His kingdom and all that He stands for.
We will be teaching His word in depth, prophetic preaching; whatever the Lord desires us to do and say.  This program is going to be “completely” Holy Spirit inspired.  We will be ministering to our listening radio audience “live” as God directs. Showshannah Ministries International’s “passion” for the things of God will spark a fire in you, your family, and your church/congregation.  Showshannah Ministries International flows in prophetic preaching and revelation, providing insight into the parameters of the Spirit.

I cannot hold back Your word that is in my heart.  I cannot hold back Your instruction, I cannot hold back proclaiming who You are, I cannot hold back speaking about Your love and goodness, I cannot hold back shouting Your name and Your majesty.  O’ Lord, your word is like “fire shut up in my bones”  It must be released throughout all the earth.  Sounding the trumpet !  O’ Lord how excellent is your name.



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