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    God has made a journey for each person, to grow, to learn, and to be exposed to multiple situations in life so that we can be molded into His image. Over the past 30 plus years I have continued on a journey across 49 different countries and lived in 3.
Christ has exposed me to a wonderful array of people, cultures, and beliefs; starting in the warmth of the German culture, the historic society of Turkey, and to the free United States of America. God continues to broaden my knowledge and compassion of people from all walks of life.
My walk with Christ started in Golden, Colorado during VBS at age 7. It was at this moment I understood God loves us through His son Jesus. Since then, He has added to my relationship with Him; times of hardship, joy, and endurance that I couldn’t have construed on my own. In my 2nd year of college I was asked to lead a Bible study at the University of South Florida. I had borrowed a bible and started reading Matthew 6: 25-34 and I fell to my knees telling God, “He shouldn’t want me!” Then I was counseled by the Holy Spirit saying “I know who you are and I want all of you.” Since that evening I have passed on God’s message of love and desire to fellowship for eternity.
I am a person of simplicity over complication and genuine over repetition. Christ used many parables and stories but it was His authenticity in which people believed. My hands and feet have traveled on missions to Juarez Mexico, North Carolina, New Orleans’ Ninth Ward, Albania and Anchorage, Alaska. He has given me love for theater, media, sports, camp, children and family ministries. Over the past 16 years I’ve enjoyed being on the radio, in the classroom, behind the pulpit, and especially mentoring young men and women to grow their faith in Christ.

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