The GOD for Wealth Show

Isaiah 60:1-3

The time comes when the crying of God’s children are accumulated and reaches His ears. He will raise prophets and judges to counsel them. From among the least of His people, He has chosen Charles H. Boxsley Jr.box2 This man of God has heard the lamenting of His people because of our current financial fiasco and has been sent not only to them, but to the world at large. God has anointed him to interpret secrets hidden in His word concerning poverty, jobs and entrepreneurship.  After seeking the Lord about his own financial troubles, the Holy Spirit began teaching him that there is a design to wealth and that he would be given a message to tell everyone concerning that design.  In 2001, he received an associate’s degree in Business Administration from Indiana Business College in Indianapolis, Indiana. Shortly after graduating, he received a prophetic message that he was to pursue business on a deeper level for the body of Christ.  He was invited by a friend in 2003 to attend a prosperity revival hosted by Dr. Leroy Thompson and Dr. Creflo Dollar at Word of Life Christian Center in Darrow, Louisiana. The concept of this organization-Equanimity: Eclipse Enlightenment LLC resulted. The night before the last night of the revival, he prayed that God would come to him in a dream and tell him the meaning of his life. Simply put, God pointed at him, then said, “Give him a message that he may tell everyone.”
Four classes have been created to teach “God’s Original Design for Wealth™” and a book entitled, “Misinterpretation: Prosperity on Earth.” This book explores some of the mindsets that lead to financial ruin and the process necessary to undo such. For more information, go to Take the classes-take control of your finances-take control of your life!

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