Thee Hour of Blessing is hosted by Pastor Jesse and Brother Clifford.  In 1979 Pastor Jesse picked up the cross when the word of the lord came to him saying ” may no man call you, I Jesus only call you.  And no man can put his hands on you.  I have appointed and anointed you to preach the Gospel.  Feed my sheep.  Brother Clifford came from a Christian family and while working construction in 2007 that the lord called him by name while working on the 19th floor of the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  That was the last construction project Jesse did because God, ” took me and shut me up unto him.  All  my teaching, understanding and knowledge of thee word of God: is given to me through thee holy spirit.  This is why the radio ministry (Thee Hour of Blessing) is on the air.  Glory be to God ! Hallelujah!!

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