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Vibrant Lives is a program to reach those who feel they have been rejected or forgotten. The weekly encouragement and blog @ is a fast growing outreach to bring those who have been disenfranchised by life closer to the God of their Faith.

Tell your friends to join Denise on the blog or each week on WTIS and start living the life God has already designed for those who will allow Him to lead.

You are never alone and now you can hear Denise every Sunday @ 2:00 p.m.
Denise seeks to empower people to live into their true potential. Her focus is to be the voice for the voiceless. Her journey through the years has given her the desire to help people know they matter to God, the community and to the world.

The experiences of the past has shaped Denise’s present and future.  As a voice coach, she is focused on assisting others to find their voices and to be confident that their words are being recognized and heard. For Denise, faith allows her to grow in God’s love, empowered to share that love with others while offering hope and understanding to those seeking to be heard.

For Denise, the future is not an end result but an ever changing and dynamic place in time. She continues to process through each day with faith in God’s love and a growing understanding of how she can serve others.

Denise is an independent woman, a mom to 2 lovely strong daughters, Sara and Kelly, a mother-in-law to Ryan, and “Nonna” to 2 beautiful sweet grand daughters, Chloe and Finley.
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