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Through our listener-supported campaign we will celebrate our Faith cultural diversity by providing broadcasts that engage national focus with a Christian World view.
Our core values are found in our Christian Faith that guides our decisions, and set the parameters for our staff and programming.

Create an Extraordinary Impact – We want to create, produce, and share, extraordinary media, done with excellence through the eyes of a purpose driven life changing life-changing message of hope.

We are passionate, creative, and have fun and believe in Innovative ideas for solutions and support.

Our team wants to learn, improve, and grow. We purposely want to challenge and stretch ourselves, each other, and the station to realize the full potential we have to change our community to the Glory of God

As a team we are committed to strive for excellence in our production, delivery, and creativity.

Through music, arts, talk, and teaching, WTIS will continue to cultivate non denominational and culturally relevant programming. We intend to build, grow, maintain, and support, programming that targets our listeners while expanding our reach to include first time listeners and those with different points of view. We will use the airways, events, technology, experience, and community outreach, to facilitate this task.

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As one of very few privately funded independent stations left in America, we are dedicated to a Christian World View as a foundation for our programming.

Today we are proud of the weekday and weekend programming a want to continue to reach our community with our version of authentic, diverse, high quality programming.

Although many of our shows are paid sponsors or driven by advertising, we offer of programs that are part of what we believe to be needful in this Christian hostile environment.

Your monthly, or one-time, gift helps WTIS pay for and support the programs and events that keep the Christian Community vibrant and alive.

Your support, no matter how small, helps us stay independent and growing.

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